Beef Burger برجر لحم

80.0 ر.س128.0 ر.س

  • Preparing Time: 40 min
  • Delivery Time: 30 min

( الوزن : ١ كيلو ( ٦ قطع

الخيار المفضل وأفضل برجر ستتذوقه على الإطلاق!

This is the butchers favourite and by far the best burger you will ever taste!

Weight : 1 KG , 6 Pieces

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“Tasty, delicious, and has me craving more on the first bite.” to “Juicy, mouthwatering, tasty, and everything you’d ever want to savor.”

“لذيذ،،يجعلك ترغب بالمزيد في اللقمة الأولى..”